Chris Pirie DE

Chris Pirie DE has been a professional editor and writer for close to 40 years, most of them freelance.

Beginning her career with a division of News Limited, she moved from writer to sub-editor, editor, production editor and managing editor within two years.

Since 1984 Chris has freelanced in Canberra. Apart from being responsible for editorial standards and production to print-ready stage of hundreds of government reports, she has specific expertise in dealing with multi-author works. Among her diverse subject areas are civil–military collaboration, administrative law, superannuation, veterans’ affairs, health, and climate and the environment.

Chris was appointed one of the principal writers and editors for the sixth (current) edition of the Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers; this two-year project involved writing four chapters, rewriting a number of others, and editing almost all the manual. She has also written numerous other style guides.

Among Chris’s other career highlights has been editing the reports of many royal commissions and similar inquiries—demanding, fascinating and rewarding work.

An inaugural assessor for the Institute of Professional Editors accreditation scheme, Chris was awarded the descriptor DE (Distinguished Editor) in 2008.